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Author of the highly acclaimed, 'Morowak' books!!

"To write what is worth publishing, to find honest people to publish it, and get sensible people to read it, are the three great difficulties in being an author." - Charles Caleb Colton 

(Amen, Charles) 

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Changing Eternity (Book 2 in the Morowak series)   

The Kingdom of Morowak is being threatened.  As Arabella and Briol embark on their journey, another man is taking an expedition of his own.  Gavin Faintree is a well-educated and wealthy young man from the neighboring kingdom of Lewaliff.  Even with a prosperous future ahead of him, he chooses to leave it all for the unknown kingdom of Morowak.  Gavin decides to put down roots in this exciting diverse land, and befriends the most interesting people he has ever met, the pirtaal.  He vows to fight alongside his new allies, but will they welcome him when they find out who he really is?  And when his past seeks him out and confronts him, will he return out of duty?  Or defy a king?

The winds are changing in the land of Morowak.  Kings and Queens maintain sovereignty, and wielders of magic and fire breathing dragons are real.  Nobleman's daughter, Arabella Wallington, is about to embark on a journey across the kingdom to meet her betrothed.  Arabella is herself a gifted warrior, yet she follows her father's orders and employs someone to protect her along the perilous crossing.  There are more dangers than just what lurks in the wilds of Morowak.  A group of murderers wreak havoc on the land with extreme prejudice.  Arabella employs a man named Briol, whose magical abilities are tested throughout their adventure, and an enigmatic bond forms between them.  While fighting for their lives, Arabella learns something unique about herself, and an unforeseen path now lies ahead.  This journey challenges everything Arabella has ever known. 

Will she find her betrothed? 

Will she follow her heart? 

Or will she embrace her destiny?

 Kaitlynn O'Connor is an overworked card dealer at the Bulldog Casino in Missoula, MT.  The tall red-haired beauty has many admirers among her regular customers, but it's not until she meets a new player, Nate Morby, that she decides to bet it all.  In a whirlwind romance, Nate and Kaitlynn find they have been thrown into each other's lives just when they're needed most.  On a night of great importance, Kaitlynn and her best friend are kidnapped.  Forensics guy Nate, sees a connection to a case he is currently working on - the most gruesome case he has seen in years.  Kaitlynn finds herself at the mercy of a sadistic man with a rough hand.  She is complacent, but knows her life - and her friend Georgia's - will soon end if they remain in the kidnapper's company.  Time is of the essence as Kaitlynn fights for her life, and Nate fights to find her.



"I loved this book!  It has so much to offer and am completely in love with the characters.  I cried, gasped, cooed, and laughed out loud.  NEXT BOOK PLEASE!" [on Journey Through Morowak] -- Willow, Spokane, WA

"Kari's writing was so captivating I couldn't put her book down!" [on Cromwell Deep] -- Misty, Benton City, WA


"[Cromwell Deep] will take you through a magnificent journey of so many emotions and if you close your eyes for just a second you will miss something spectacular. Once I started reading I was hooked, I loved it!" -- Dana, Richland, WA


"Exciting read; couldn't put it down!" [on Cromwell Deep] -- Becky, Richland, WA