Kari Peterson

Author of the highly acclaimed, 'Morowak' books!!

"To write what is worth publishing, to find honest people to publish it, and get sensible people to read it, are the three great difficulties in being an author." - Charles Caleb Colton 

(Amen, Charles) 

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TWITCH (Coming soon!)


~~2020 has been crazy, y'all.  I am finishing with a bang!  Both Cromwell Deep and JTM are being sent out for publishing!  Time for a happy dance!

~~Do you have a Pandora account?  Want to listen to the station I created to inspire me while I write the Morowak books?  Contact me on this website and put "Morowak Music" in the message and I will personally send you my station!!


The winds are changing in the land of Morowak.  Kings and Queens maintain sovereignty, and wielders of magic and fire breathing dragons are real.  Nobleman's daughter, Arabella Wallington, is about to embark on a journey across the kingdom to meet her betrothed.  Arabella is a gifted warrior, and owns a weapon unlike any other, but Morowak is home to many ferocious creatures within its borders.  Because of this, her father heartily requests her to employ a sword-for-hire to protect her along the perilous crossing.  Headstrong and independent, Arabella employs a man named Briol Derwintriver.  He is not a warrior, but a mage.  There is a secret behind her stormy grey eyes and he wonders if she knows who she truly is.

King Tophir Hesstius freely welcomes all races to call Morowak home.  The woodland elves and a group of mysterious shape shifters called pirtaal.  But there are more dangers than just what lurks in the wilds of Morowak.  A group of murderers known as Cimmerians, wreak havoc on the land with extreme prejudice.  The Cimmerians will not rest until they rid the land of each and every one of the elves and pirtaal. 

At the request of a persuasive old alchemist, Briol and Arabella find themselves in a town they had never before visited.  Arabella learns something unique about herself:  the secret behind her eyes!  An unforeseen path now lies ahead.  Over the course of a fortnight together, an enigmatic bond form between them.  Arriving safely to the Capitol further complicates matters, as Arabella’s betrothed is a wonderful man, but his eyes will never dance with magical colors as Briol’s.  This journey has challenged everything Arabella has ever known, but now she must choose between duty and desire.  Will she honor her promise?  Or will she embrace her destiny?

Kaitlynn MacAllister is a tall red-haired country girl who has many admirers among her regular customers at the Bulldog Casino in Missoula, MT.  The overworked card dealer has big plans for working with horses, and constantly ignores the advances she receives on a daily basis.  It’s not until she meets, Nate Morby, a leading forensics expert at the local crime lab, that she decides to bet it all.  Nate breaks down Kaitlynn’s guard and they find they have more in common than they imagined.  What they don’t yet know, is they have been thrown into each other’s lives just when they’re needed most. 

The whirlwind romance is broken when Kaitlynn is kidnapped from her own home.  She finds herself at the mercy of a sadistic man with a rough hand.  She is complacent, but analyzes her kidnapper’s every move.  Could she make it out alive?  The place where she is held feels like a fortress disguised as a beautiful cabin.  She begins to panic when she learns she is not the first captive to have graced this isolated waterfront property. 

Nate arrives shortly after Kaitlynn’s kidnapping and recognizes foul play.  Being a crime scene investigator may be the only thing that can save her.  Nate sees a connection between their disappearance and a case he is currently working on.  Unfortunately, the woman involved in his case was murdered.  Nate enlists the help of friend and fellow forensics guy, Aiden Sams, and they quickly try to begin piecing the puzzle together.  Frustration builds as they hit dead end after dead end.  The hours tick away as Kaitlynn fights for her life, and Nate fights to find her.  But what will he recover in the end?



"I loved this book!  It has so much to offer and am completely in love with the characters.  I cried, gasped, cooed, and laughed out loud.  NEXT BOOK PLEASE!" [on Journey Through Morowak] -- Willow, Spokane, WA

"Kari's writing was so captivating I couldn't put her book down!" [on Cromwell Deep] -- Misty, Benton City, WA


"[Cromwell Deep] will take you through a magnificent journey of so many emotions and if you close your eyes for just a second you will miss something spectacular. Once I started reading I was hooked, I loved it!" -- Dana, Richland, WA


"Exciting read; couldn't put it down!" [on Cromwell Deep] -- Becky, Richland, WA