Kari Peterson

6-13-2012 Online Blog Tour Interview:

Q:  Are any of your characters based off real people?

A:  Not really.  There will always be similarities between characters and people I know just because of the adversity in all of us, but so far no one was specifically referenced.


Q:  Have you use any family names in your books?

A:  Actually I did!  In Cromwell Deep I used my husband's name, my sister's name, and the names of my three boys.  I plan on honoring a few of my friends in my next book. 


Q:  How long was the writing process?

A:  The book only took four months to write, however, the editing process took much longer.  I chose not to have my book professionally edited.  Instead I had friends and family each make their suggestions/edits, and I revised my drafts accordingly.  Hindsight being what it is, I am considering a professional editor on my next book.


Q:  Is your herione from Cromwell Deep supposed to be you?

A:  LOL I wish!  No.  Kaitlynn is way too cool to be me.  If I had a daughter, I imagine she would be very much like Kaitlynn.


Q: Could you tell us what inspired you to write Cromwell Deep?

A:  Honestly, the first idea I had about the book began because I thought it would make a great movie.  From chapter 13 on was very vivid in my mind, and it was quick and easy to write.  I am a big fan of CSI, and I know that show helped to inspire parts of the story as well.


Q:  How did you come up with the name of the book?

A: Cromwell Deep was not the original name I came up with.  It was the third!  I knew I wanted the story to take place at Flathead Lake in Montana, however, it was only after I viewed the topography of the lake when I found the perfect spot!  Cromwell Deep is an actual part of Flathead Lake.  I personally visited the locations mentioned in the book, for visual inspiration.  Of course it was just as much a pleasure as it was "research."


Q:  If the book was ever made into a movie who do you think would be a good Kaitlynn and Nate?

A:  I love this question!  Early into writing the book I considered this, simply because my story was as alive in my mind as any movie I'd seen.  I though long and hard about which actors I could see for both characters, and I have changed my mind a time or two.  I think Jason Behr would be perfect as Nate, and Deborah Ann Woll would be a wonderful Kaitlynn.


Q:  Who are some of your favorite writers?

A:  I really enjoy the works of Stephen King, Stephanie Meyer, JK Rowlings, Michael Crichton, and now Suzanne Collins!  I love being taken on a journey.  While Stephen King's work doesn't always leave you with a happy ending, his imagination is second to none!  I love the variety.


Q:  What are your future writing plans?

A:  I am currently writing a new book that, so far, is the first of three.  They will be called the Morowak series.  The first being Journey Through Morowak.*  It is much different than Cromwell Deep, and I am thoroughly invested in it!  Some say they would like to see more from Kaitlynn and Nate, though I don't have plans for that at the moment.  There are a couple other stories floating around in my head but who knows what will become of them.  I think a writer's best work comes out when you truly become passionate about a story and its characters.

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